Thursday, January 24, 2013

What is Chromophobia?

Chromophobia is an upcoming independent title.  It is a highly score based game coupled with a jovial art style and an exponentially large amount of depth.

Also, it is only ten seconds long.

Each play through has a randomized set of combos.  The combos rack up a multiplier, and good ol' shooting will rack up points.  A balance of the two is the only way to achieve your goal; getting enough points to unlock EVERYTHING (including Rainbow Mode!)  Imagine Street Fighter mixed with the Sandbag Competition from Smash Bros.  A great title for either a couple minutes to burn some time into, or a couple hours to learn how to play successfully.

Intended as a not-actually-an-app-game app game that has depth to its gameplay.

Developed by Cr2Cr Studios