Monday, February 10, 2014

Fuzzy Rocket Cowboy

Okay, we promise we'll stop it with these 3-hour no-artist titles.  But, really, this one is fun.

Fuzzy Rocket Cowboy was made after a long trip to New York, in which I played a good bit of the IOS title Flappy Bird.

I thought "hey, this game is pretty fun.  I wonder what it would be like at about triple speed?"

So I made my own on-the-rails dodger.  You are Fuzzy Rocket Cowboy!  You are very good at dodging cactuses at high speeds without a horse!  And, well, that's what you do.  End of game, mons!

This game runs in 160 by 120, so if there's compatibility issues, make sure to tell me ( and I'll get a fixable version out.  Also, email me your high scores at the same email!

Anyhow, until then, have some fun with FRC.

Download here.

Flappy Jam, here I come.

Solus Deus,
John Szymanski (thanks to David for letting me rip some music from him!)