Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The quandary of Sumo! Revise

Before you make any judgements upon our studio based on this game, please know this;

As a game studio, we strive for as much as we can get out of the games we make.  Every piece of art is thought out, every design decision is tested, and, for the most part, we try our absolute best to make everything pretty, fun and in some way useful to the world of video games.

And every once in a while, a Sumo! Revise shoots out of our depths after a particularly long day of programming, and we end up having a little bit too much fun making it.

This game looks so bad that we actually think it could start a new trend.  Well, some of us do.

Actually, Sumo! Revise is something of a statement; a video game does need to have some standard in art and sound and music and everything else for it to be considered a good video game.

The stage disappearing is a disturbingly common happenstance.

However. . .

I really don't think a video game needs any redeeming quality at all to be fun.

The green Sumo man is demonstrating how useful the climbing glitch can be.

Sumo! Revise is trying to prove this point.  For goodness sakes!  Look at those screenshots!  What on earth are those colored things?  I honestly have no idea!  One of the power-ups spawned from us finding it rather funny that, if you move right and left really quickly, it sorta' looks like he's trying to fly.  So we made it possible!  That's what developers do, right?

Small changes in the changes like adding a pit really make a big gameplay difference.

Sumo! Revise is a 2 - 4 person, one keyboard (or two, if you have an extra), single mouse beat-em-up-a-thon party game gone bonkers with all too many glitches that can be used for your own purposes and definitely NOTHING about it that could possibly make a good game.  Really, I don't even know if the game is any fun at all!  We find it fun!  But we made it!  Of COURSE we find it fun!

Well, on the offchance that Sumo! Revise IS fun, here's the download link;

Download here

Grab a couple friends, play keytar style (it's in the readme: read it) and, overall, forget completely everything else about it.

Solus Deus (just found out I've been spelling that wrong all this time)
John Szymanski, programmer and (if Sumo is as bad as we think it to be) possibly EX-designer for Cr2cr Studios