Thursday, March 26, 2015

Official Sumo stuff

Update: I've finally linked the Steam retail page on this blog post!  I'm keeping the IndieGameStand link at the bottom for right now 'cause I like IndieGameStand, but if you're looking for the Steam version of Sumo, the link's in the description. 

Okay, I know this is long overdue, but here's the rundown on Sumo! Revise for the blog followers.

Sumo is not this:

What you're seeing there old Sumo! Revise, which was the alpha-alpha-alpha precursor to this:

Sumo Revise is a 2 - 8 local multiplayer fighting game (that is actually a party game).  When I was a kid, I loved that competitive-yet-not multiplayer that one could find packaged with almost any game in the 64 - GameCube era.  My brothers and I would spend a lot of time playing these kinda' broken, hilariously fun multiplayer experiences.  The first Sumo! was made to relive that experience, and we had so much fun with the 6-hour project that I smoothed it out a bit and made the original Sumo! Revise (the screenshot at the top) so everyone could at least have a bit of fun with it.

Well. . .

I always liked Sumo! Revise a lot, but I could understand that the 37 FPS, the awful visuals, the strange glitches, and the horrible interface would be a huge down for other people.  So, after Rubber Ducky, I started to revamp Sumo! Revise into a new Sumo! Revise:

So what is Sumo! anyway?

Sumo is a party game.  This is meant as a fun, competitive-yet-not time with friends and, if I can say so myself, is a blast to play.  I've spent a lot of time figuring out what rough edges needed to stay and what rough edges needed to go, so I think you'll find a quirky, eccentric-but-loveable sort of experience if you pick this one up.

Officially, Sumo (currently) has:
  • Multitudes of Levels!
  • Game Modes!
  • Game Modifiers!
  • Level Editor!
  • Mode Editor!
  • Mod Editor!
  • Everything-is-customizable!
  • Space Squid!
And the like.  It's hard to put together a marketing list for Sumo! Revise because most of what makes it attractive is really going to come from sitting down and playing it with your friends.

Here's a few places you can find it:

Solus Deus
John Szymanski