Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sumo! Revise Bugs and their Fixes

Hey there!  Sumo Revise is full of bugs, I know, and some of them are left in there purposely.  Some of them, however, are not, and can be really annoying.  Here's a few that I've encountered and some ways to get around them:

1:  Massive drop in FPS

Sometimes, Sumo will start up and the FPS will be in the floor, like half of what it should be.

What's going on here involves gamepads.  On some computers, disconnecting a gamepad after it has previously been connected will cause huge FPS drops.

To fix: Either plug back in the same number of gamepads as you had plugged in before (it will only stay fixed while the gamepads are plugged in) or restart your computer.

2:  Sumo crashing or not working correctly when using the Mode Editor.

Sumo will do some really weird things if you try to start a round when the mode editor is open.  Keeping Sumo on the menu is okay, but as soon as you start trying to play (a custom mode, usually) the game will stop working right or simply crash.

To fix: Close up the Mode Editor before you play!

3:  Sumo mode or mod not working when it should.

This could be two things: either, the Mode Editor is still open and needs to be closed, or you need to check your syntax!

To fix: Depends on what the problem is!

4:  Sumo crashes when a lot of stuff is happening in-game.

If this happens, tell me.

It only happens on some Windows 7 computers and most Windows 8 computers, and it generally relates to sound being played (e.g. when too many sounds are played at once, the game crashes).  I THINK I HAVE ELIMINATED ALL THE SITUATIONS THAT THIS WILL HAPPEN IN but if not, please let me know so I can fix it!

To fix: email me at

Also, if you've found a problem and/or a fix, please tell me at so I can tell other people about it.