Monday, January 14, 2013

Tale (Concept #3)

Note: this one is going to be a while

Name: Tale (working title)

Genre: Loot grind/RPG

Style: Steampunk

Art style: Watercolor/cartoon (kinda?)

Description: A monster has been marauding a village a lot.  You travel to different video game worlds to strengthen your power until you can defeat the monster.

Gameplay: Topdown action will combine with RPG-ish leveling - however, all leveling is through your  attacks, which can be crafted from the ground up.  Choose a mold (say, the projectile mold).  Adjust power, speed, special effects, knockback, if it does anything to the player, this that and the other.  In the test using these tools, we created a chaingun, force push, and an electricity field completely from scratch in-game.  Special effects to add to attacks are in the form of drops from enemies (there's the lootgrind aspect).

Current version: (AKA: There's about as much game as there are windows in a cardboard box; there, but only if you let the man with the tools put them in).

We realize that this project is simply too big for us right now, but we'll be giving updates on it every once in a while.