Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Concept #1 (Rainy Day)

Name: Rainy Day

Genre: Experimental/Platforming/Mystery

Approx. Game Length: Short

Style: Film noir

Art style: Black and white pixel art

Description: An item has been stolen.  You are hired to recover the item.  To do so, you must check to see if the safe in the top room of a tall building is unlocked, as the police have intel that one day, it will be.

Gameplay: Go through the same small environment every level.  Each day (or, in other words, each level), the environment changes slightly or you must do a different task (eg shut all the doors behind you, turn off all the lights, don't knock over any papers, deal with the rocket boots, avoid the maniacal smily face, sorry about it but we got some mines in today).  An over-arching mystery is in the environment, and if the player is not paying attention and finding clues every level, the end will be completely mystifying (and we already have a twist! :D ).  Short, probably one-sitting experience.  Definitely humorous.

Current version: (AKA: Hey, looky here at my lighting system)