Monday, April 8, 2013

New Era!

Well, it is time to announce our intentions for the next game.

Essentially, we want to make something like this; a loot grind that focuses on creating your own attacks from scratch instead of upgrading your character.  The system is set up to have three slider bars (attack damage, knockback, and cooldown) and slots for "special effects."  These effects will range from changing the attack direction possibility from 360 directional attacking to 4 directional attacking to giving the enemy health every time he gets hit (and, yes, that does have a purpose; but only if you're clever about crafting.)  It will be a  good ol' romp through some sort of world where you'll do stuff, and, hopefully, it will be fun.

And, its name?  Well, honestly, we're taking suggestions.  Shoot us an email if you've got one!