Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What does that shiny button do?

We have an explanation of our "Gift Us Your Pocket Change" button.  We believe that, if you were to give any money to us, you should at least know what it would be going to!

Currently, there are two areas that we are looking into investing in.  The first is getting enough money to transfer onto a new, shiny website instead of a blog.  More pressing, however, is our want to enter into the IndieCade festival, which we don't have enough funds to enter.

If you want to help us out, but don't want to give us money, post a gameplay video to Youtube, take some screenshots, and write us ridiculously long fan letters!  We're not doing this for money right now.  We're doing this for two reasons; 'cause we've been given the ability (thanks to Him for that!) and 'cause we want to!

Oh, and high scores.  We can ALWAYS use high scores!

Cr2cr Studios (cr2crstudios@gmail.com)