Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rubber Ducky and the Beta Testing

Rubber Ducky is now nearly almost a little playable.

After working in the evenings for a while, Rubber Ducky is almost to the point where I could ask people to give me some feedback on it.  It's close!  Oh so close!  I've worked my scheduled work onto one sheet of paper (you developers know what I mean).  This is good!

This is a catch for me, though; quality,  I can not yet assure.  I need feedback!  Much feedback!  I hunger and thirst for righteousness AND FEEDBACK!  So, if there is any of you out there that may wish to give RDATRG a go as soon as I have a playable copy (within the month, I think) I would be honored to have you do so!  Shoot me an email at, leave a comment on cr2crstudios's Facebook page, call me, shout from across the road (if you're a neighbor) or otherwise contact me and I will make sure to put you on my beta-testers list.

Well, anyhow, happy Thanksgiving!

John, programmer of cr2crstudios
Solous Deus