Monday, February 17, 2014

The Presentation Representation

Update: the official project has moved to this blog.  Check it out to find the download link and all details pertaining to The Presentation Representation.

I want to start this game project. It's a little odd, but I think it would be interesting nonetheless. Essentially, I want to start with just about nothing at all; an art style, a base mechanic (like, oh, it's sidescrolling or something like that). Not much more. I'd ask people to send me small ideas that they would want in the game (like add friction, fine tune jumps, take out the ability to stop in air, add this type of enemy, add this powerup, add this stat, and so on). This is how the game would be built, one piece at a time by many different people (and, of course, I would take the right to say "yay" or "nay" to each idea sent). Every idea I put in would prompt a new version, which would be downloaded and then worked on from there by everyone interested.

The current base version can be found here  Email ideas to

Solus Deus
John Szymanski