Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dev vs. Community: Day 1

The Dev vs. Community Achievement of Rubber Ducky is an achievement that is acquired for the entire community once they have sufficiently convinced me, the developer, to give it to them.  These are the actions that have happened during the first day of Rubber Ducky being out:

Community member starts a thread on the Steam discussion board.
Small heckling of developer occurs.

Developer responds with heckles.

Community member suggests giving achievement as a Christmas gift.
Community member offers fan art as bribe - developer recieves this:

Developer receives bribe from community member offering a Youtube video to small audience for achievement.

Developer is offered chicken emoji for achievement.

Developer receives this email:

Dear game developer,
As a duck connoisseur myself,  I thoroughly enjoyed Rubber Ducky and the Rainbow Gun. The graphics were very nice, the music was very nice, and the game play, well just as you expected was very nice.
I love your game there's no hiding that, but I am very disappointed that I cannot show my full enjoyment of the game through my achievements. It fills me with dread every time  i look at those achievements,
"Pshh 18 out of 19 I can do better than that" I tell myself, but yet the achievement never unlocks leaving me in a constant state of anger and depression. Please end my sorrow and unlock the achievement.
Sincerely, Ducky

Developer responds with this:
Community Member:
I have read your message several times and shed quite a few tears.  I feel very much for your predicament, and I promise to do whatever I can to help.
That said: the decision is does not lie with me alone.  In fact, it lies with each and every member of the Rubber Ducky community.  Once the time comes in which we can all band together, our mutual goal shall be achieved.
In the meantime, I hear that tea can be good for wild bouts of anger/depression.
Thanks for reaching out,

Community member flags achievement as being broken on achievement website, then tells developer that he will un-flag it if the achievement is given.  Community member recognizes the fact that this is extortion.