Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Rubber Ducky and the Rainbow Gun


For any that haven't been following the updates, Rubber Ducky and the Rainbow Gun is a 10 attack, technically endless, somewhat environment based single-screen game.  Explosions everywhere!  And there are lizards!

But, for you that HAVE been following, and specifically to you that gave beta feedback; thank you!  It was very much appreciated!  If your suggestions have not made it into the game or were not changed, please realize that it is because of time, and not because I didn't think they were good feedback.  I definitely
encourage all of you beta-testers to download the game and see those last few levels, a HUD, and so many other things!

For those that haven't tried the game at all; are you ready?  I can't really guarantee much - enjoyment is so individualistic!  But I can say this; when you see the lizards, I think you'll smile.  Those are the darndest cutest lizards I can draw.

And, on a much more personal note, I want to make a shoutout to He who made it possible for me to create this.  You gave me everything - the concept, the abilities to program it, the ideas, completely every bit of laughter that went into its development.  You even blessed me with the hardware to make it on (do MIDI keyboards often get delivered to you by accident and its company totally uncaring if you send it back?)  Thank you so much.  This is my Christmas gift to you (little return for salvation, I suppose, but it's all I've got for right now), and I hope you like it more than anyone ever will.

Rubber Ducky and the Rainbow Gun:
Rubber Ducky on

(Also check it out in Steam concepts here.)

And, by the way, make sure to email me at what kind of scores you get on the final level; I might make up a high score table if I get enough responses.

And, of course, I want to introduce David Szymanski, who taught me how to use my keyboard and did exactly 25% of the music.  Those lizards would not be the same without you, sir.  Check out his reviewing blog,

Solous Deus
John Szymanski, designer at Created to Create (cr2cr) Studios

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